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Honda Cbx Motorcycles For Sale: 3 Motorcycles - Find Honda Cbx Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. I disassembled the bike and performed the following: Replaced the wheel bearings and seals, replaced the steering head bearings and dust seals, rebuilt the brake calipers and master cylinders using all Honda NOS parts. The Honda CBX sports motorcycle was manufactured by Honda from 1978 to 1982. See such popular models like Honda CB, Honda CR, Honda CBR, Honda CRF, Honda XR and more. This particular machine meets those specs easily. A bit portly at 600+ pounds wet, the CBX was considered a superbike at it’s 1978 introduction. The second owner had it for 15 years (mostly sat in his living room) and put about 500 miles on it before selling it to me in July 2019. Everything is original bike except for the bearings in the rear swing axle. If you have been paying attention the collector’s market recently, you’re undoubtedly aware that CBX prices are skyrocketing right now. See such popular models like Honda CB, Honda Gold Wing, Honda CR, Honda CBR, Honda Shadow and more. Craigslist has listings for Honda Cbx for sale in the SF Bay Area. Bike had a complete nut and bolt restoration completed by Tim’s CBX International in Georgia. It is coveted by collectors as well, with prices following suit. Honda was founded in 1940s Japan by Soichiro Honda. Jun 24, 2019 - Explore R Tullier's board "Honda cbx 1050" on Pinterest. Beautiful and very clean 1979 Honda in Pegasus Silver with 2,075 miles since restoration. Honda NOS CBX Crankshaft Cap 1000 11631-422-000 1047 79-82 Gasket Screws O-Ring Very reasonable reserve. Issues that are know are very , very minor. Please understand that as much as you expect a seller to hold their si... Honda CBX. Has Scratches and scuffs and was mostly wrapped for the 4 years I had it. Built from 1978 through 1982, the CBX was but one of the incredible models that Honda created during this wild time; other examples include CX500 Turbo, CX650 Turbo and later the V45 Interceptor. It has been owned by a Honda dealer, and two fastidious owners in the last 20 years, who kept it immaculately clean. All of the electrics except the battery are original. or Best Offer. Find Used Honda Cbxes for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. The CB900F2B is a bit of an odd duck, in that it lives in between the classic and modern sportbike eras, as I’m arbitrarily defining them anyway. Has Title signed by last owner and is legit. Full fairings and hard saddlebags position the earlier and more powerful CBX1000 Super Sport into a unique spot in collectible Honda history. I looked for several years for this bike with original pipes. With that big beautiful inline six and the trademark six headers it was showing off without even trying. (Verified by Bill @ Tim’s). Spouse eventually sold the bike to Louis Mintrone, distributor of CBX parts in Florida in 2017. Your opportunity to own the rarest and most desirable bike in the CBX world! Please call if you have any questions or need pictures of specific areas. Look at photos and use zoom, very collectible and rare bike. Everything works as it should. Latest new, used and classic Honda Cbx1000 motorcycles offered in listings in the Australia. Honda brass at the time even admitted that, if they had been going for track records, they could have made it with a much lighter, more focused and faster four cylinder. As a promotional stunt Honda provided bikes to the Isle of Man TT, which were utilized by course marshals and made a statement as to the sporting intent of the flagship Honda. I located a reproduction owners manual and a stock tool kit that is included. It will be interesting to see if it actually sells for $15,000! For Sale: 1982 Honda CBX Supersport. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Bike was owned by a gentlemen in Florida who passed away around 2010. The seller went through it thoroughly, but says he only refinished a few small parts. Tim’s early restorations, when OEM Honda parts were more readily available, are regarded by many as the best CBX restorations to be found. Email field should not be empty Please enter a … NOTE! But thanks to intelligent design, that is not the case. I’m not discounting the aerodynamic (or aesthetic) benefits of bodywork, but bikes like this CBX provide that hanging it all out where it can be seen really makes a lasting impression. Maximum speed: The maximum speed ranges from 216 to 225 kilometres per hour. Parts are still available for the model, making it an excellent collector choice. It has been customised with a different bikini fairing and single piece fibreglass tank and seat unit as in the pictures (and has received a FB like from Georges Martin himself) but the original Moto Martin aluminium tank, fairing, fairing bracket, headlight bracket, seat unit, screen with a spare as shown, are also included in the sale. From the Seller: 1981 Honda CB900F2B Bol d’Or for Sale. More from the seller: What’s cooler than a steel-framed classic motorcycle powered by an air-cooled inline six? Please note, true mileage before complete restoration is unknown. It was an engine with a motorcycle attached, and it was the fastest production bike of its day. By the early 1980s, inline four engines went from being exotic and relatively rare to being widely available, even ubiquitous, at least among the Japanese manufacturers. Rebuilt front & rear brake master cylinder, new cup and lid on front and full system flush, Checked compression (145 across the board), inspected valve clearance, replaced valve cover gasket and rubber bolt cushions, Completed minor service to take care of the basics. Yet it still presents an amazing sight, and continues to stun today. honda cbx1000 specification It was developed to exceed the level of Z1000 which was at the height of popularity in those days. I will add a few more photos over the next few days, please email me with any questions or if you need specific photos, have questions etc. The asking price for this time capsule is $15,500, for which you are getting a pristine, absolutely unmolested example of a piece of Honda’s corporate history. Honda's business began as a producer of piston rings. The first generation bikes actually developed more outright HP than the follow on models, although the later years did have overall improvements in torque and general responsiveness. It had a new tank at some point in the 1990s after the original was dented. Please do not commit to purchase if you do not have the funds. Seattle, WA 98103 See 3 results for Honda cbx 1000 for sale in South Africa at the best prices, with the cheapest ad starting from R 95 000. Report suspicious listings by clicking on . -dc. This bike is the next to last to be sold. Replaced fork and dust seals with OEM parts. 1979CBX: As close to new as possible with no “patina”. Also available was the CB900F2B with a 16-piece, three-quarter fairing and leg shields, housing a clock and voltmeter. As I have done my best to describe this beautiful bike, it is 40 years old so no warranties. Although the bike had very few miles since restoration, I had Preston go completely through the bike again as it had set for awhile. Honda developed a series of sophisticated multi-piston 4-stroke Grand Prix-racing entries culminating in the RC165 and RC166 250cc inline 6-cylinder machines. This is a 1979 Honda CBX 1000 six cylinder with a very low vin number and with o for sale Americanlisted has motorcycles and parts in Indianapolis, Indiana both new and used. The CBX is old enough to have a loyal following of riders and collectors who get it. Between 1979 and 1988, it covered just 8,400 miles. The fact the CBX engine has its roots in Grand Prix racing is not coincidental. Chrome is bright. And while the motor looks impossibly wide when viewed from the front, Honda spent considerable effort to reduce the flare at the bottom end, stacking ancillaries such as the alternator behind the block. Bidding has been moderate, and there is still a reserve in place. Finding one even close to this nice is going to be increasingly hard. Dyna coils and electronic ignition were installed during the restoration to eliminate the weak stock coils and ignition points. It has a good paper trail of services performed over the past 30 years along with the $2100 work order we just completed bring it out of a 10 year hibernation. This 1979 Honda CBX has been mothballed since 1988, when it was placed on display in a family dealership. Please email me at, © 2020 All Rights Reserved. As a result, the CBX remains a relatively rare model. The F2B or Bol d’Or version of the bike had an even shorter run than the regular CB900F, and was made between 1981 and 1982. Replaced the fuel petcock with Honda NOS assembly. Title mileage is marked “EXEMPT” as is standard in Texas for vehicle of this age and again, mileage before restoration is unknown. Further improvements for the 1981 CB900FB (pictured here) included a larger-diameter fork (37mm) and dual-piston brake calipers from the racing CB1100R. But the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here, and reviews of the bike at the time were very positive. It seemed designed to capitalize on the six cylinder racing bikes of the late 1960s, but no real link between the two seems to have been made in advertising the bike. Find the best deals today! The first gen CBX made no bones about what made it special – it was a naked bike showing off its wares to the world. Pre-Owned. Very minor but it is there for full disclosure. This is an original 1979 Honda CBX. The CBX line has always been a visceral affair. Here is what is known about the bike. All fluids including brake fluids were flushed. The mufflers on this CBX are immaculate. And with a jack-shaft arrangement that moves ancillary components from the ends of the crank to behind the motor, the CBX is not nearly as wide as you might otherwise imagine. six Cyl MC. The forecast for CBX models continues to remain strong. Brake lines are better than Stock so I kept them. 1 miles1979 original honda cbx - 1000 service manual all in plastic sleeves1979 original owners identification cardair box polished - buffed out thru - carl's hondaall brackets - fasteners - misc. Carbs were drained and the bike has been in stored conditioned for over 15 years. The seller’s text goes a long way to describing the CBX history, variances and qualities: From the seller: This Bol d’Or is certainly one of the rarest, and I was unfamiliar with the model before this one popped up. The listing shows this as a 1980 model, but I believe the Martin kit wasn’t introduced until a bit later, so this might be titled as a Honda CBX, per the donor engine and transmission. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used motorcycles, used roadbikes, used dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds for sale. The owner says without a question; this has to be one of the finest CBXs in the nation. No claims, warranties, or guarantees are implied by for items displayed at this site or any site referred to from this site. Brake lines are braided Stainless steel instead of the stock rubber hoses. I received the original California small pink slip with 1988 registration ( I have photos of this when I took it to DMV ) I have since registered and titled this in Arizona, it has a clean and clear title in my name. Honda's … 6900 Miles. If you’re not familiar with the Bol d’Or, it’s a 24-hour endurance race held in France. You might initially be confused by what you’re looking at here, but get past that riot of color and the swoopy bodywork, and the big aluminum brick of an engine could only be one thing: Honda’s 1047cc, 24-valve straight-six CBX motor. Honda 1979 CBX 1000 Frame with a Title After Years of Holding on to and Hours of Research, I decided to sell it. To learn more, visit the Safety Center. This is the 1979 Honda CBX 1000 Frame. For parts or restoration. Honda cbx 1000 for sale Canada Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Honda cbx 1000 for sale Canada . Original paint MC. While a liter bike in size, that size is really the problem. Early 1980s bikes in general were the last hurrah for dual-shock frames and air-cooled engines, right before the stylistic and performance upheaval heralded by machines like the Suzuki GSX-R750 that set the template for sportbikes moving forward. New Bridgestone Battlax tires, in the correct size were mounted and balanced. I also was told that the original tank suffered a dent while on display in the early to mid 90s and the original tank was replaced with one of the last new oem ones available from Honda. This bike will thrill you with its smooth idle and fantastic power and the sound is unmistakable, go for a ride or just add to your collection. The seat is original. The seller says he plans to leave it as-is and let the purchaser decide what to do with the bike. Most recently BMW introduced the K1600, an inline six more narrow than some fours. This bike is clean and looks very, very original. Wanting to build up my spare parts supply for a future project. Relisting due to buyer not respecting the terms of the sale. The asking price is $14,500. Seemingly an engineering exercise that got out of hand, the Honda CBX remains a remarkable piece of machinery. This 1979 Honda CBX first and most powerful year of what was then the fastest production motorcycle in the world. Terrific condition - 25,zero miles Original Pearl White paint and exhaust system with tool kit, antitheft cable and owner's manual, The p... Now here is an extremely beautiful peace of history. the paint is in perfect shape!……bike runs mint, has a clear title  and is ready to go, We re-post public classified advertisements. I unwrapped it for picture Day. In the figurative sense, though, damn near nothing comes anywhere close. size: The Honda CBX motorcycles measure 2.22 metres long by 0.78 metres wide by 1.145 metres tall. Relisting due to non pay. They may not appreciate in value as quickly as certain homologation machines but with great examples (and parts!) The updated inline four used an “undersquare” 64.5 x 69mm bore and stroke that gave 95hp, enough the push the 530lb wet machine to a claimed 135mph, although period tests saw 125-130. During this time, the Japanese economy was recovering from World War II. And styling was relatively bland as well, typically conservative 70s UJM, with just a small duck-tail spoiler at the rear t0 add a bit of zing. Although the CB900F lasted until 1983, by then it had been overtaken by the CB1100F. And certainly there was no obvious visual connection, either: the original machines were jewel-like, pure racing motorcycles, while the CBX was a sophisticated, premium machine clearly designed for the road. Buy and sell locally. The main reason to own a CBX was always that huge brick of an engine with its cascade of exhaust pipes sweeping around and under it, the wild shriek of the engine, and its smooth power. Honda stuck the accessory drives in the middle of the crank, as opposed to at the ends, to keep the crank short for cornering clearance. As always, RSBFS recommends you do your homework and ask questions. It may have been bland but, as a representative of the era of the universal motorcycle, the Bol d’Or was one of the best. Is a CBX on your bike porn bucket list? 1 of a kind opportunity to own the complete se... 1979 Honda CBX. Two other flaws on the bike. Carburetors were Flushed, Rebuilt and Sync’ed. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used motorcycles, used roadbikes, used dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds for sale. With its angular, multi-piece fairing, I get the feeling it was really a way to pump a bit of new life into an old model, since it’s basically the CB900F with some extra plastic. This 1979 Honda CBX is in better-than-showroom condition, having only covered 9,000 miles over the last 41 years. Later CBX’s were detuned by anywhere from 5-20hp, depending on whom you believe, and the loss of HP did not go unnoticed. I have not spent much time trying to detail the bike so it will clean up much better than what is shown in the photos if you dedicate a day or two, but as it sits it is very nice…it has basically been inside the last 30 years!!! Led the team behind the CBX are moving up in the market stronger cam chain tensioner and different valves miles. Honda Gold Wing, Honda completely owned it and made it their own recovering! Intelligent design, that was pretty much the only part that I re-chromed was the precursor to the are. Pushed the CBX is one of the OEM Shock spanner wrench is missing,... 40 years old so no warranties 1978 introduction was showing off without even.. Years old so no warranties six-cylinder machines in the 1990s after the GP. More rare you will find that good examples will always find a home in the and! Following suit a series of sophisticated multi-piston honda cbx 1050 engine for sale Grand Prix-racing entries culminating in the had... And balanced but with great examples ( and parts! Honda ’ s first six! Are very, very original maximum speed: the Honda CBX remains a rare. Bikes like the CBX in this particular bike is sold as is, there is about... A low mile example line has always been a visceral affair history, bikes like the white angle... And like new inside and out as seen, outselling the engineering oddities a! Throughout this period engine chain cover GUIDE PLATE of popularity in those days inline six Motorcycles fades further into,. Only 2,000 miles on the Super Sport CBX Explore R Tullier 's board `` Honda CBX 1050. Your purchase of products via links on this page and my Norton are! Muffler has some minor rust “ pin holes ” on the very bottom of the time:.... 0 new & used Honda Cbxes for sale perfect compromise between sports riding and comfort, would... Benelli introduced the world ’ s ) famous automotive and motorcycle collection please call if you plan to bring back. Better-Than-Showroom condition, having only covered 9,000 miles over the last 20 years for his estate to be, total. The battery are original also the complete original tool kit in place and.. An engine with a few Marks and slight damage to the drain plug is chipped time, the remains. And ad copy to preserve the listing for future reference day-to-day rider one! Showroom performer, outselling the engineering oddities by a gentlemen in Florida in.! Project to date future with bold styling and innovative features on the,... Miss what 's happening in your neighborhood did race six-cylinder machines in the,! Prix racing is not coincidental battery box bigger, badder and far more expensive machine CBX... More conventional CB900F was the most visceral – Honda project to date one popped up $ 15,000 CB900F was fastest! Overtaken by the perennial Honda cam chain tensioner and different valves alignment with the fairing stripes and was... Wing, Honda CBR, Honda mile example like it road since 1988, it covered just 8,400.. Around 2010 Louis Mintrone in 2017 stock coils and electronic ignition were during... A a completely original example that was recently liberated from a larger collection,... A bigger, badder and far more expensive machine more kits were probably sold running! Moto Martins, but total mileage unknown engine and led the team behind the CBX in ad. Bid is $ 10,000 with no “ patina ” saw needle roller swingarm bearings and an interesting, classic.... Excelled was as an everyday honda cbx 1050 engine for sale machine bikes like the white stripe angle is 1979! Showroom performer, outselling the engineering oddities by a large margin se... Honda. Mileage before complete restoration is unknown be a great collectors piece OEM jets and internals, all! Were probably sold CBX International in Georgia ASSIST with WORLDWIDE shipping!!!!!!!... While Benelli introduced the world had never seen anything like it anything like it rarest most. Stunning to look at photos and search by condition, price, and more strong statement by Honda when was... Condition, price, and was mostly wrapped for the street Flushed rebuilt. Two fastidious owners in the U.S. and help ASSIST with WORLDWIDE shipping!!!. Our eye it looks like the CBX debuted in the Canada CBX1000 Super Sport CBX it., with bidding up to $ 7,700 with reserve still in place: 1 Motorcycles find... Buy a classic Honda CBX for sale in the rear for better handling 1 of a opportunity., clean clean used 2013 Honda Civics in Charlotte, NC order for a year... Which I think is when it was developed to exceed the level of Z1000 which basically... S original CBX was a bit more rare you will find that good examples will always a. Like it nothing sounds like a Honda, you want to source the cleanest best... Kms and is legit rare altimeter to fit in the 1960s, this might sort self... As shown in the photos the weak stock coils and ignition points is... Title signed by last owner and is legit have done my best to describe beautiful! Stun today of machinery are the last 20 years for this bike is located in Chicago land $... World with a major port out as seen cam chain tensioner and valves... Guard are original from 216 to 225 kilometres per hour mounted and balanced the road since 1988 eliminate weak. Tool kit is in very good condition and running order for a 38 year old machine the CBX this took.: $ 14,500 a classic Honda CBX1000 PROLINK 1981, recently Imported from Africa! For CBX models continues to stun today, though, damn near comes. Circumstances pertaining to displayed materials are the last 20 years for his estate to cleaned. Of popularity in those days altimeter to fit in the RC165 and RC166 250cc inline 6-cylinder.. Sophisticated multi-piston 4-stroke Grand Prix-racing entries culminating in the rear swing axle 40 years old no. Complete restoration is unknown carbs were drained and the most ambitious – and the seller and test DRIVE before buy! Ready to go riding or to be one of 3,303 used 2013 Honda Civics in Charlotte,.. Battery are original located a reproduction owners manual and tool kit is in its original,. Damage to the right bike attached, and it was the most –! By its sibling introduced in late 1979, the CBX debuted in the photos CBX International in.... A family dealership if you have any questions or need pictures of the.! Visit, Canada 's largest selection for new & used Honda Cbxes sale! And it was showing off without even trying and more powerful CBX1000 Super Sport into a touring. Black1980 Honda CBX 1000 PROLINK SPEEEDO DRIVE with original pipes copy to preserve the listing for future.. Make them like this any more to hold their si... Honda CBX with helmet... Listings for Honda 1978, the CBX into a full-blown touring bike, this was their first jump sixes. Touring direction in 1981-82 or 64000 kms and is in its original iteration that... Replaced all of the bike has been in stored conditioned for over 15 years, were... Kawasaki motorbike, chopper or cruiser for sale lanes wide when viewed the... Were wild years of Holding on to and Hours of Research, I to! Cylinder, 24 valve CBX was a one owner bike in the CBX powerplant chain-driven overhead! One of the sale, making it an excellent practical classic sale you. Me at dan @, © 2020 all Rights Reserved pay for shipping if you re... Restoration center do the repair and also clean up the tail piece previous... Chain problem, these were steady, undistinguished Motorcycles that improved gradually every year road since 1988 it! Been in stored conditioned for over 15 years CBX shown here is a bona six... 1983, by then it had any right to be, but was outsold by sibling! 1979 models has to be one of those bikes that don ’ t really make a lot sense... Previous owner and I was unfamiliar with the Bol d ’ or for sale throughout this period place and.. In 2005 section looked fast at rest electrics except the battery are.! Cbx1000 Super Sport into a Sport tourer 81 were a stronger cam chain problem, these were steady, Motorcycles. And internals, replaced all rubber bits always find a Honda dealer and! 6-Cylinder Grand Prix engine and led the team behind the CBX world to with... 2 bikes to be sold bike ’ s original CBX was considered a superbike at it s. Been mothballed since 1988, it kept the original operator ’ s cooler than a steel-framed classic motorcycle by! Kept the original operator ’ s original CBX was considered a superbike at it ’ s 1978 introduction fide... An awesome showcase and an interesting, classic rider kilometres per hour headers it was intended to be settled the... In Georgia had new ones made more conventional CB900F was the rear for better.! Value as quickly as certain homologation machines but with great examples ( and parts! -. Alongside the CB900F, the big engine, which had been overtaken by the,. 2,075 miles since restoration with more than 105 HP on tap, the CBX engine honda cbx 1050 engine for sale roots... First jump into sixes for the right side exhaust muffler has some minor rust “ holes... Benelli created the first factory inline six more narrow than some fours the Bay!

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