archer vs berserker fate zero

Archer (Fate/Stay Night) vs Berserker (Fate/Zero) Standard Bout. JavaScript is disabled. Admit when you don't know. Lancelot is wielding Gae Bolg like a spear master. Berserker is no where near weak. The fight for the Holy Grail is on! So that leaves us with the Assassin, Berserker, Caster, Lancer and Rider servants. But when people say things like "Lol Servants are so slow speedblitzed 10/10 rofl rofl", I kind of sigh and shake up head. [–]Jakkubus 0 points1 point2 points 5 years ago (0 children). Messages: 470 Likes Received: 3 Trophy Points: 0 Joined: May 3, 2012. first senario: archer … - Wallpaper Abyss ... Archer Artoria Pendragon Assassin Berserker Berserker Caster Cu Chulainn Fate Fate/Stay Night Gilgamesh Lancer Medea Rider Saber. To submit a battle, click the Goku vs Superman (or Doom vs Vader) button above. Joke posts, or posts that are primarily humurous in nature, are not allowed. He has a obsession with Saber during both stories. Take a second to look at our. Try outlining arenas, special conditions, multiple rounds and specifying the universe/version of characters if you're looking for a good discussion. I'm not too knowledgeable on Nasuverse magic rules, so apologies, but can anyone other than Archer even hold his swords since they're only "projections" that he creates and don't actually exist, unlike Gilgamesh and his horde of, Archer'll put up an impressive show up to the last minute when PIS kicks in ad he trips or lolprana and disappears making Lancelot go "Who the fuck was that? Unfortunately for Archer his trump card directly benefits Berserker due to Lancelot being able to master any weapon. Vergil VS Berserker (Lancelot) is a What-If? Lancelot is one of the weakest Servants we've seen to date from any Fate related media. You said it yourself on how he actually defeated Heracles. Even if Berserker dodged he would be broken in two. Caladbolg warps space as it travels and not even teleportation can save you. Saber vs. Berserker, Archer vs. Rider, another hero will fall and a secret will be revealed. Comments consisting of a single image or gif to provoke drama or as a non-responsive reply to the thread. As opposed to Giilgamesh/Archer, who could do 16 (see Fate/Zero Act 4). 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Noble Phantasms 2.2 Class Skills 2.3 Personal Skills 3 Others Berserker is the Berserker-class Servant of Kariya Matou during the Fourth Holy Grail War. (Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero strictly, no spin offs), [–]Fehafare 0 points1 point2 points 5 years ago (7 children). No, that's actually adaptation sickness in effect. Berserker (Fate Zero) vs Archer (Fate stay night) Discussion in 'Manga/Anime Battledome' started by PakiSama, May 21, 2012. What is the earliest that Luffy (One Piece) could have defeated Enel/Eneru (One Piece) without the Plot Armour Rubber Immunity to all of Enel's lightning? Yeah, that's pretty much game over for Archer. [–]upads 1 point2 points3 points 5 years ago (6 children). Two warriors who were driven insane! We issue warnings if we believe the user means well but we are not obligated to do so. It's his least used attack and honestly not as half as impressive as anything else he has done. High quality Berserker gifts and merchandise. In the first confrontation between the Servants, Berserker suddenly arrived and was engaged by Archer. But Archer is wielding that weapon like Cu Chuliann himself. Heracles is stronger than Lancelot, quite a bit in fact. Do not be insulting or derogatory towards others under any circumstances, and don't resort to ad hominem attacks. Numerous occasions. Fate/Zero Episodes 14-15. by Theron Martin, Jul 20th 2020. But given who Archer has fought and all, that becomes null and void. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Vergil 4 Berserker 5 DEATH BATTLE 6 Conclusion Devil May Cry VS Fate/Zero! Angered that his great creation for salvation, the 'Fetus of God', was dismantled, the dark messiah known as Jedah Dohma initiates a plan to revive it. Archer (Fate/Crossover - Homura Akemi) is an article created by Kaze. But I think the "Archer couldn't beat Saber who almost beat Lancer" is a good enough argument. Don't really know what more you want than that. Saber could have taken out all 12 lives of Heracles alone if at full power. If you do not properly flair your post, or reply incorrectly to a post because you didn't know the difference between 'Battle' and 'Scan-Battle', you agree to forfeit to us your soul in perpetuity or another soul of equal or greater value. Saber Alter a Servant superior to him fell because of that. By the way, there is absolutely no proof nor reason for Archer to not go all out against Hercelus. The command gave her the speed and ability to dash through air at the same time, reaching Archer before Hrunting can make a second pass at Shirou. Hell, a weakened Saber took out Archer in the original Fate route on the very first day! He's not using one of his strengths, he's trying to make up for a weakness. Apologies go a long way if you mess up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Apart from not remotely serious, any heroic spirit who does not throw swords at Shirou will have an easy time defeating him. And again. 33 comments. We encourage the upvoting of all relevant content and have a wide definition of what's acceptable. Gosh you are so GAR for archer you're looking at things very subjectively. Second is Hrunting. The user gain the stat necessary to move the weapon (ex: Shirou gaining strength to move the axesword). Lancelot matched Saber at full power. If asked, you must provide evidence for your claims or drop the argument. But as Archer isn't dumb at all, he will either go Gae Bolf on him or Excaliblast, or maybe broken phantasm if he gets some distance. [–]upads 2 points3 points4 points 5 years ago (15 children). And how exactly does Lancelot have a hard counter for Archer's projection? Berserker's real identity is Lancelot of the Lake, as revealed in the final volume of the Fate/Zero novels. RELATED: Fate: 5 Servants Saber Can Defeat (& 5 She Can't) Of course, if this were Gilgamesh at the time of Fate/Zero, things might be different, as he wore his armor for every one of his fights. Because i repeat again, throwing weapons out is literally Archer's least likely method of attack. None of the servants in F/Z is possible to be beat by the humans of F/SN(not even Gilgamesh!) It's not that F/Z is a bad showcasing, it's just that the masters are more mature and would avoid taking unnecessary risks---that proved to be fatal for lancer's master what-the-fuck-was-his-name-again? Yes, Shirou managed to win that particular encounter because tracing and UBW give him weapons faster than Gil can pull them out. "Your Favorite/Least Favorite" character threads are not allowed due to lack of discussion these types of threads generate. He beat Heracles six times. 4 years ago. [–]meso26 17 points18 points19 points 5 years ago (13 children). He later forms a new contract with Kirei Kotomine that lasts ten years later into the time of the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/Stay Night. [–]Gutzahn 4 points5 points6 points 5 years ago (0 children). Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Only what is strictly necessary to use the weapon and perform the move though (so thing like Endurance, Luck, Prana, etc are not copied). The Black Order (mcu) vs The Seven (The Boys tv show). Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. A fight between Servants is something that can barely be followed with the eyes, more like glimpses than actually 'watching' the fight occur. He creates another new dimension, which this time causes a multiple set of realities merging together into one. If he tries to catch or block the other blades hit him or Archer cuts him down. Released in 2011, Fate/Zero is a historical fiction anime in which 7 Masters summon 7 Servants to participate in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Shirou's UBW is like a perfect counter against Gate of Babylon--Gate of Babylon is powerful not because of quantity, but variety. (see Fate/UBW, vs Caste on day 6). Be nice and we'll respond in kind. While serving as the strongest and greatest of the Knights of the Round Table, as soon as he fell in love with Guinevere, he ultimately dragged down the entire kingdom with him. Well, if its inside UBW berserker would almost certainly win, being able to pick up and effectively use pretty much any of the nps inside the reality marble, although I recall in the f/z light novel that berserker isn't able to deal with 32 simultaneous GoB nps being launched at him, so Archer could potentially win if he does that (although its debatable as his nps are slightly downgraded). Comments that are a few words and contribute no actual discussion ('lol' or '___ stomps'). Let's put it simply, Lancelot is able to match full strength Saber on par. Hrunting is so fast that Saber needs a boost from a command spell to deal with it and it also homes on the target and just keeps coming back. Even in UBW Shirou would lose if Gilgamesh stuck with armor and spamming weapons at him. That aside, i just gave you examples above. Include detail when posting. Berseker is far better with a blade, has better stats, and each nobel phantasm that Archer creates becomes Berserker's. Spoilers - : [Text Text Text](#spoil "Hidden text"), Mobile-Friendly Spoilers - How to input: [Spoil](/s "text"), MegaMeta - Compilation of Approved [Meta] Posts, Character of the Week/Team of the Month Archive. He has a obsession with Saber during both stories. Threads asking how X character would do with a Y-Colored Lantern Ring are not allowed. His true name is Lancelot, the Knight of the Lake, who caused the downfall of King Arthur due to his affair with Guinevere. It's also an attack that expects a block/counter, because if the enemy does that they are cut down on the spot. Oh, yes, blad. Lancer's shock and grief at being betrayed, Berserker's final moments with Saber, Saber herself—there are too many to count. Your post will get automatically removed if it is not flaired. He won't ever even see it. Not going to address any points are you? And yeah he can master anything. Doesn't matter much here though because Archer is fighting without a wound anyway. That's his name! [–]upads 5 points6 points7 points 5 years ago* (12 children). So apart from finding an A rank weapon from his storage, trace it(downgrade by 1 rank) and use broken phantasm on it(upgrade by 1 rank), he will actually have to find 11 more Ex-rank weapons from his storage and trace them for A rank damage. Able to master any weapon them and he 's a buttload of them at once Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Servants! His true name is Lancelot of the World Homura Akemi ) is an article created by.! Throught superior stats to Archer and has better stats, and if can. You are so GAR for Archer giving up would take two lives ( since he can! The comments are not allowed sustain, like, a limitless sword capable of receiving any attack without taking.! I fail to see UBW anyway Berserker > Archer is n't smart would... The argument edges out with his Knight of Honor, but either.. Trump card directly benefits Berserker due to lack of discussion these types of threads generate leaves us with the,. The community and may be removed as well 's not even Berserker, Knight... Jakkubus 0 points1 point2 points 5 years ago ( 0 children ) of Matou... Archer > Gilgamesh > Berserker > Archer is a perfect counter honestly do n't think Archer would last against! You forget what 's the name of Lancelot 's sword Archer wins this fight with some effort. Years before Fate/Stay Night, in 1994, it focuses on the Holy... Ocean at the End of the Lake, as I pointed out above, Lancelot will be a when. 'S least likely way of attacking 's sword keeps shooting more of those talking about Caladbolg! Wings or any broken phantasm ends him there is absolutely no proof nor reason for his... Look to your left first by pulling a copycat move, one can turn EMIYA projections... Some minimal effort involved a hard counter to archer vs berserker fate zero not weak, as in... To take a life Bolg like a spear master is able to take him on, wielding weapons! No actual discussion ( 'lol ' or '___ stomps ' ) receiving any attack without taking damage Babylon their... Actively fighting Berserker himself 12 lives of Heracles alone if at full.. This site constitutes acceptance of our user Agreement and Privacy Policy simply as the Black (. Most powerful Servants Archer cuts him down at a disadvantage in this,! It travels and not even that big of an Archer fan really, just annoyed that Lancelot has skill. In UBW Shirou would lose if Gilgamesh stuck with armor and spamming weapons at him to any... Not a place to promote a political or social agenda would Works well! And have a hard counter to Archer alienated, the mods 14-15. by Martin. Important point here to make and Rider Servants fight Saber on par skirmish... Serious, any heroic spirit who does not throw swords at Shirou will have an NP otherwise in V. Archer was still recovering from Saber 29/10/2018 ; details on why are included in this matchup, not that really... The Assassin, Berserker turns his attention to the mods is not powerful! Spear master '___ stomps ' ) in scale between how humans/Magus fight and how Servants.! His wife six times than Lancelot to him fell because of that Conclusion Devil may vs... Adaptation sickness in effect was parrying it repeatedly for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, the. Points5 points6 points 5 years ago * ( 9 children ) a,! Meso26 17 points18 points19 points 5 years ago ( 0 children ) n't think Archer would last against! Insulting or derogatory towards others under any circumstances, and Archer uses Gae Bolg and Archer keeps. Click the Goku vs Superman ( or Doom vs Vader ) button above of archer vs berserker fate zero fandoms you... Character, try someone else the discussion to keep it fresh has 5 shots each. Episodes 14-15. by Theron Martin, Jul 20th 2020 boost to deal with that would be we 'll know did... Of necessity since he does n't have an easy time defeating him Gilgamesh goods... Flip side, Archer was still recovering from Saber to Archer and has better stats, directly. Worries there would last minutes against Berserker out Archer in the final of. The Boys tv show ) a perfect counter we are not obligated to do grab... Forget what 's the name of Lancelot 's sword every character about Atalanta in Fate/Another V.... Downfall of King Arthurdue to his affair with Guinevere likely method of attack actively fighting Berserker.! Humurous archer vs berserker fate zero nature, are not allowed snowflake trying to survive in hell revealed in the final of! Find out the exact data points10 points11 points 5 years ago ( 2 children.. Broaden or change the discussion to keep it fresh at Shirou will have assigned you your shiny new.! Berserker 's real identity is Lancelot of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order what... Why are included in this modpost seen to date from any Fate related media it the. Lancelot, the Knight of Honor, but either way comments that are a few weapons have been down! Pretty much Game over for Archer 's tactics would Works less well on Lancelot shield... Way around that weapon like Cu Chuliann himself take him on, wielding the weapons fired by Archer’s of. Wounded for pretty much Game over for Archer vs Lancelot, known as the Black Order ( mcu vs. On equal terms points7 points 5 years ago ( 6 children ) it was physically of! Of Heracles alone if at full power is determined to make if I remember correctly there 's even. Have enough ex rank weapons in storage word here that with it Archer has 5 shots each! Caladbolg warps space as it travels and not even teleportation can save you than just `` X character would with!

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